Three Drug Warrants Executed 13/10/17- Bilbrook

Three Drug Warrants Executed 13/10/17- Bilbrook

On the 13th October 2017, three drugs warrants were executed under the Misuse of Drugs Act in the Bilbrook area.

At one address, a small amount of Cannabis along with growing equipment was seized. A 31 year old male has been dealt with appropriately .

At a second address, a quantity of cannabis/vegetation was seized. A 19 year old male was arrested and will be dealt with accordingly.

At the third address, a large amount of heroin and crack cocaine along with weighing equipment and money was seized. A cannabis set up containing plant roots was also discovered in the loft of the property. This was dismantled and seized. A 33 year old male, 31 year old male and 19 year old male were all arrested for Possession with Intent to Supply and will be dealt with accordingly.

Can I thank residents for their continued support and ask that any further drugs intelligence please be passed to your Local Officers, 101 or Crimestoppers.

Many Thanks!

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