Don’t lose your wheels to opportunist thieves this winter!

Don’t lose your wheels to opportunist thieves this winter!

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As winter approaches, we are appealing to motorists not to leave their keys in the ignition and engines running while they defrost their windscreens.

The appeal follows a recent theft of a vehicle when the driver left his engine running as he popped into his house to collect his bag – thankfully the car had a tracker, was quickly recovered and an arrest was made.

Many motorists have been caught out on frosty mornings and need to be aware that if they leave their car unattended, with the keys in the ignition that there is a significant risk that their insurance will be invalid leaving them without a car and out of pocket.

Motorists can make life difficult for opportunist thieves by taking a few simple steps:

Make time to defrost your car – don’t leave clearing your windscreen until the last minute

Don’t leave your keys in the ignition and engine running while you eat your breakfast or get ready for work – it makes your vehicle vulnerable and is bad for the environment

Prevent ‘fishing’ by keeping your keys out of view and reach from opportunists

Be a good neighbour – keep an eye out for your neighbours cars if you see them leave their car unattended make them aware of the risks.

Further advice is available on the Staffordshire Police website.

If you need to reply regarding this message, click on this email address: lydia.hooley

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