Suspicious Male- Codsall and Bilbrook

Hello ,

Staffordshire Police recieved numerous calls yesterday around a suspicious male knocking on doors in the Codsall and Bilbrook area.

Police Officers attended the area and conducted an area search but unfortunately this male was not located. Local PCSO’s are aware of this males descripton and will keep an eye out whilst on high visibility patrols.

Can I remind residents to be vigilant of who they answer the door to and to think before committing to any purchases or signing up to any agreements.

Please always ask for ID and contact the company via telephone using numbers from a phone book or official website to confirm they work for the company. If you’re unsure then shut the door.

Alternatively, if you’re not expecting anyone, do not answer the door.

If you are suspicious of any callers, please contact police as soon as possible on 101 or in an emergency 999.

If you need to reply regarding this message, click on this email address:

Matthew Tromans
Senior Office Assistant
Community Messaging
Email: matthew.tromans