Advice: Cold weather

Now the cold weather is settling in, please ensure you stay safe when out on the roads.

If cold / icy weather is predicted DO NOT drive/cycle in these conditions unless your journey is essential. If it is, take care, plan your route and allow more journey time.

Top tips:

•Dig out the scraper and de-icer so that you can de-frost your windows, or use a windscreen cover overnight.
If you need to defrost your vehicle ensure you stay with it and don’t leave it unattended with the keys inside. Drivers should always be in control of their vehicle when the engine is running. Don’t make it easy for opportunist thieves.
•Ensure windows and mirrors are fully de-misted before driving off.
•Ensure vehicle lights are clear and working.
•Check your windscreen wash bottles are topped up with anti-freeze wash and windscreen wipers are in good working order.
•Check vehicle tyre tread and pressures.
•Keep an emergency kit on board for long journeys consisting of:

If you are taking your bicycle out, ensure you wear warm protective and high visibility clothing/equipment.

Ensure your bicycle is in good working order – check brakes, lights and tyre tread – keep your bike serviced.

Allow extra distance for smooth braking and make yourself visible on the road – allow yourself and other road users plenty of room and take care around corners.

Remember whilst icy conditions may seem a fun challenge, these conditions remain unpredictable and no amount of skill will help you to stay upright – know when it’s a non-cycle day!

Remember to take care and keep safe.

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Lydia Hooley
Community Engagement Officer
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