POCA AND PPF Funding stream open March 1st

The Commissioner’s Proceeds of Crime (POCA) and People Power funding opportunities open for applications on Thursday 1 March 2018 until 14 April 2018.

Applications should align to at least one of the PCC’s five priorities and also local community safety priorities. New refreshed documents including application forms, guidance notes and full details of timelines including processes, pay out and evaluation requirements are on the PCC’s website, https://www.staffordshire-pcc.gov.uk/fund/


Applications can be submitted by all organisations, having supported Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent community related partnership activity for a minimum period of one year within the last three years are eligible to apply to the POCA fund for a grant. Such activities span the breadth of health and well-being, local enterprise and community safety.

Applications can be made for amounts of between £3,000 and £15,000 with a view to becoming sustainable in the longer term and are progressed through policing process initially (Chief Supts recommendations to the OPCC). All applications require written support from the LPT Commander and local Community Safety Lead.

People Power

Applications can be submitted by community groups for values between £100 and £3,000 with a view to becoming sustainable in the longer term. Applications should be supported by local policing and carry the support of the community safety partnership, who make recommendation to the OPCC.