Be aware of threatening scam emails

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We are urging computer users not to be fooled by cyber criminals who send threatening emails in an attempt to trick them into transferring cash.

The fraudster – who has a Brazilian email address – contacts his victims via email and threatens them and their family unless they hand over huge sums of money.

The warning comes after a person in Tamworth reported an email to officers after becoming suspicious about its threatening nature and authenticity. They received a demand for £10,000 to save their life and their family’s life. No money was sent.

Usually scam emails are sent from outside of the UK which makes it difficult for the police to trace the people sending them. Often these emails refer to winning a lottery in a foreign country, asking for money to invest in a foreign business venture or to help someone in a foreign country who might be in need.

DC Ian Whitehouse, from Lichfield CID, said: “There is no suggestion that this perpetrator was even in the country and this was a simply ploy to scam the victim into handing over money.

"Thankfully in this case the victim didn’t hand over any cash and told police straight away about the threats that had been made.

"If you find yourself in this scenario please contact police and do not hand over any money."

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