Secure your vehicle

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We are reminding vehicle owners to check their vehicle security following an increase in the number of thefts of, and from motor vehicles.

Most vehicle crime is opportunist and therefore preventable.

We would always advise and remind owners of the following:-

* Ensure your vehicle is locked and secure whenever left. Always check your doors – don’t rely on remote locking fobs.

* Remove all valuables and possessions when the vehicle is unattended.

* Always garage your vehicle or park on a driveway, or in well lit areas, wherever possible.

* Consider installing tracker devices – in the event your vehicle is stolen – it can be located quickly.

* Consider blocking high value vehicles in with a second vehicle… simple but it works!

* Store keyless entry car fobs in a Faraday pouch to block signal from devices used by offenders to steal your car.

* Store all vehicle keys out of view of windows and doors – thieves will often break into your home to locate keys to steal your vehicle.

Lets not make it easy for them!

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Lydia Hooley
Community Engagement Officer
Community Messaging