Following the money this Christmas

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Officers will be following the money this Christmas to prevent attacks taking place on cash in transit vans and cash machines.

Police vehicles will be accompanying cash vans as they make deliveries and watching ATMs (cash machines) as part of a national crackdown.

During the Christmas shopping rush there is potential for an increase in the numbers of attacks on cash deliveries, ATMs and cash vehicles. To prevent this, officers will be providing the ultimate deterrent of a police escort.

Sergeant Mike Elkin from our Tactical Support Team said: "Although this increase in attacks on cash machines and cash vehicles isn’t a particular problem in Staffordshire, it is something that has been noticed nationally and we need to be alert to the possibility they could take place.

"We will be using marked and unmarked vehicles and uniformed officers to follow the cash vans and our officers will be very visible while the deliveries are being made. We will also be using more covert methods to ensure that offenders are not carrying out preparatory work prior to carrying out crimes.

"As well as making people aware of what we are doing, we’d also like them to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity near cash machines or banks. If you see anything strange, please report it to us at once and if you suspect a cash machine has been tampered with, please report it before you use it."

To report suspicious activity please ring 101. If the offenders are still there please ring 999 immediately.

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