Secure your vehicle – spate of vehicle thefts

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Police are urging owners of keyless entry cars and high-performance vehicles to protect themselves from theft following a spate across the county.

Thieves are targeting high value performance vehicles such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Fords which are left parked on driveways or in the street.
The majority of thefts occur overnight and the cars targeted tend to be only a few years old.

We would issue the following advice:
• Keeping all keys out of sight and away from doors and windows.
• Installing a home security system and setting an intruder alarm at night
• Installing and activating a tracking device on your vehicle
• Install good outside lighting
• Check if your keyless entry fob can be turned off. If it can, and your dealer can also confirm this, then do so overnight.
• Store your keys away from household entry points and windows. Keeping your keyless entry fob out of sight is not enough – thieves only need to gain proximity to the key to amplify the signal. Drivers are also being urged to
keep both sets of keys in a faraday cage or pouch which blocks the signal from the fob.

Keep an eye out for suspicious activity in your neighbourhood – and report anything unusual to the Police.

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Lydia Hooley
Community Engagement Officer
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