How to secure your vehicle

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Below are some simple things that you can do to avoid becoming a victim of car theft.


  • Don’t leave your keys in the vehicle unattended. This includes upon coming winter mornings while "warming up” the vehicle. Your insurance company is unlikely to compensate you if your car is stolen in this situation.
  • Keep your keys out of reach and out of sight when at home. They are vulnerable to being snatched in sneak-in burglaries. Keys hung up or placed near front doors could be "fished" using a hook and wire fed through a letterbox
  • Keep your keys secure when out and about.
  • Keep spare keys secure and safe at all times. Consider giving it to a friend or relative for safe keeping, especially if you are going away.
  • When using remote locking key fobs check for visible or audible signals that your vehicle locked when you pressed the button.
  • Ensure that you close your windows before you leave your vehicle.
  • If you are an owner of a keyless vehicle consider purchasing a faraday bag which helps to block the signal from your key to your vehicle whilst at your home.


  • Use your garage if you have one.
  • On private driveways, keep trees and shrubs maintained so you and your neighbours can see the vehicle from your properties.
  • Consider dusk till dawn lighting to illuminate the area.
  • When parking on a street, pick a well-lit and populated area under street lights where possible.

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