ADVICE – Bogus officials

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Also known as distraction burglars, bogus callers trick their way into people’s homes to steal money and valuables. They make themselves seem genuine and plausible while your attention is elsewhere.

What is a bogus official?

Examples of bogus officials are people who claim to come from the council or water-board or tradesmen/workmen claiming that your property or garden needs essential/urgent maintenance.

They often work in pairs, one to keep you talking at the front door while the other tries to access your house from a back door or window. Some might even ask for help, such as asking for a glass of water.

While the loss of money or valuables is very distressing, being a victim of crime causes a great deal of stress and may lead to loss of confidence and poor health. Older and more vulnerable people are more likely to be a target for rogue traders, doorstep criminals and scammers.

Being a Good Neighbour

If you see anything in your local area relating to the welfare of a vulnerable person which worries you, check it out. If you are still concerned, contact the police on the non emergency number – 101 or direct message our social media channels

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