Local plan. Only 1 day left to respond.

Picture of Bilbrook Greenbelt

Bilbrook Parish Council is urging the people of Bilbrook to act before 5pm on Thursday 12th December to save Bilbrook’s greenbelt.

South Staffordshire District Council (SSDC) is creating a local plan to specify where housing will be built in South Staffordshire in future. They have proposed seven options (A-G) Their preferred option is G. This will require greenbelt in Bilbrook to be built on. The Parish Council recognises that housing is needed, however, believes that Bilbrook does not have the infrastructure in place to support the numbers they are proposing and does not wish to lose its greenbelt. The Parish Council is supporting option A which has less impact on Bilbrook and is urging residents to do the same by emailing SSDC at localplanreview@sstaffs.gov.uk or writing to the Local Plans Team, Council Offices, Codsall, WV8 1PX

The is also a response form.

Full documentation relating to the Local Plan & Consultation can be viewed on the SSDC website: www.sstaffs.gov.uk/planning/spatial-housing-strategy-infrastructure-delivery.cfm