Suitability of sites for proposed housing


The most recent site assessment map for Bilbrook, Codsall and Oaken, showing the suitability of sites for any proposed housing is available on South Staffs District Council website or by clicking on the link or the thumbnail.

The area coloured amber shows land suitable for developing for housing.

Option G proposes 566 new homes in Codsall and Bilbrook. This is in addition to the land already allocated (in green) and safeguarded (shaded amber and cross-hatched)

Residents have until 5 pm today (12th December 2019) to respond to

Please note the map is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced in paper form or published on-line, infringement carries a risk of legal action. Bilbrook Parish Council has a PSMA licence (100052952) which allows it to show a jpeg of the map on its website.