Government Flood Recovery Scheme

Following the recent and ongoing flooding incidents across the District, South Staffordshire District Council (SSDC) are trying to ascertain if they meet the criteria to apply for the Governments flood recovery scheme. The criteria for the funding states in order for the District Council to apply to the fund they are required to have 25 or more properties severely affected by the flooding within the District. This refers to properties where the inside of the property has been flooded and there has been damage to the fabric of the building, necessitating repair.

SSDC believe they are close to meeting the required criteria of 25 properties, with incidents reported in Penkridge, Swindon, Coven, Pattingham and Perton. To help them establish the exact number of properties impacted across the District they are asking residents to read the information on the South Staffordshire Council Website and are encouraging any residents that meet the qualifying criteria to register their details using the online form.