About Bilbrook

Bilbrook is a village in South Staffordshire, to the North West of Wolverhampton. The village gets its name from billers (watercress), which grew near the local stream and Brook, from the Moatbrook which forms a large part of the boundary.

Bilbrook is an old settlement. Recorded in Domesday, two main settlements developed, one, at Bilbrook itself, and another at Lane Green, to the south.  In 1086, there were four people recorded as living in the village.  These were probably the heads of four families.

Bilbrook’s existence is closely related to that of the village of Codsall, but until the 1640’s these two separate settlements remained.  At the latter date Bilbrook’s development southwards extended into Codsall parish and, thereafter their history and development have been conjoined.

By 1780 there were eleven houses and most of the parish was farmland. Today the total population of the Bilbrook parish is 3609.  Modern Bilbrook owes its expansion to the building of the Boulton & Paul Aircraft Ltd factory which opened in Pendeford in 1936 when homes were built to house the Boulton & Paul workers.  Further council and private house building after 1945 effectively merged Bilbrook and Lane Green.