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Bilbrook Parish Council is not a Planning Authority however it is a statutory consultee in the planning process. This means that the Parish Council only has the right to be informed of planning applications within the Parish by the relevant Planning Authority (which is usually South Staffs District Council)

The Parish Council can only comment on planning applications in the same way that individuals can comment. Any views expressed by the Parish Council will be taken into account by the Planning Authority before a decision is made, providing the points made are relevant to the determination of a planning application.   The final decision to grant or reject planning permission is made by the Planning Authority, not the Parish Council.

The length of time taken to determine a planning application is governed by the local planning authority, not the Parish Council although the Parish Council can request extra time to comment on an application.  This is usually done to enable the Application to be considered at the next Parish Council meeting as the Parish Council aims to consider all planning applications in Parish Council meetings which the public can attend.  The comments agreed in the council meeting are submitted in the South Staffs District Council planning portal.

Please follow this link to the planning portal. You can create an account and comment and/or track applications of interest.